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Sant Jordi, oceans, organ system and yummy salad


This week we have started our new Cambridge Learning books for Topic and Maths, as well as Letters and Sounds for Literacy and Phonics. We are working on writing our name, especially for Nursery and Preschool levels. For Reception, we are continuing letter formation, Phase 2 Phonics and also writing short words. We have been learning about Healthy Eating in Personal Education and had fun making and eating a yummy salad in Cooking. We enjoyed Kids Yoga and we are starting our ‘Movement’ skills in PE, such as jumping with height and distance, kicking and throwing a ball, maneuvering around obstacles and running whilst holding an object.


This week we started new topics for Topic and Science. In Science this term we are exploring sight and sound through the topic Look! Listen! We had an introductory session where we identified the objects that made sounds in a story and thought about objects that are sources of light. In Topic we are looking at Oceans and Seas. We learned the names of the five oceans and where they are in relation to the seven continents. We listened to sounds of the ocean and we looked at stormy sea paintings by Turner to inspire our own work with watercolours. This week we welcomed Maria as a Teacher Assistant, as well as two new students, Clara and Tessa, who are sisters. On Friday we had a fantastic visit to the theatre in Llinars to see Little Red, a new take on the traditional tale, in English.



We had an intense day of Cambridge exams on Tuesday. First a reading and vocabulary paper, then a writing paper, and finally a listening paper.


Closing Chapters at all levels since they are having an exam on Monday. Group 1 will be examining odd/even numbers, position of figures in a number, and more; Group 2 is working the Multiples and Factors and Divisibility rules; Group 3 is doing all the operations with fractions, mixed and improper; Group 4 is solving Inequalities and Equation Systems.


After they have been learning about specialized cells, now they know that these cells can group into TISSUES and that a group of tissues is an organ that is part of an organ System...Back to the beginning of the year!


We have done the correction of the Holiday Homework have closed the chapter on Acids and Alkalis, Neutralisation, Indicators...Friday they have done an exam on this matter.


We have started the Chapter about Energy. Energy can be stored in Food or in Fuels. The Unit of Energy is Joule, even better, KiloJoule. The Energy we are not using in our daily activities is stored in our Body in the Fatty tissues.They have learned that even when we are asleep we use Energy to breathe, to dream, to grow!


This week we learned about Ordnance Survey Maps, official maps from the UK, and their standard symbols to represent features. Afterwards, we discussed about an interesting topic: World Heritage. Places selected by UNESCO for their exceptional value to humanity. We’ve seen examples of natural and cultural heritage, as well as we talked about Intangible Heritage: traditions passed down from our ancestors. Sadly, some of our world heritage is in danger, threatened by massive tourism, armed conflicts, climate change, etc.


William is trying to establish his power in England, yet he has to deal with many issues. Rebels in the north claim for Prince Edgar as the legitimate successor and they are not scared to fight. They killed hundreds of William’s men, nevertheless, William revenge was harsh and merciless (Harrying of the north). Later on, we introduced a new topic. The first schools in the world. We talked about Qesem Cave, in Israel, whose hundreds of flint stones evidence what could have been the oldest prehistoric school! We also learned about the Mesopotamian schools, where children used clay tablets to learn the first written language that existed.

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