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Dot painting


For our first week back we have welcomed our new friend, Lluc to the Ants class. We are working on Friendship in our PSED sessions during Circle Time. We were identifying different ways we can behave with friends and hen deciding which behaviour can make us a good friend or not good friend. We are all trying our best to be good friends! In Topic we are exploring the Winter season further and remembering the different winter clothes that we must wear when we go outside in the cold weather.


We’ve started the New Year creatively by exploring some aboriginal dot painting. We’ve also started to think about our Summer show, and we’re thinking about the parts we want to audition for on Monday. We are continuing with our morning Literacy and Numeracy groups, concentrating on Number in maths and revising clothes vocabulary and talking/writing about preferences in Literacy.



This week we have been looking at indirect (reported) speech, as we have already covered direct speech. It’s a bit complicated because of the tense changes.


We have started the year with Algebraic Expressions: Mathematics is more than has also letters!


We have finished the chapter of Gravity and we have learned that the Mass is constant in the whole Solar System and the Weight of the object depends on the Gravitational Field of the Planet. We have also finished building our own Solar System in the class….but...where is Uranus? Moreover, for each Planet we have a poster hanging on the Science Wall with all the information needed.


As learners of the Science experience they must be able to present the evidences of investigations. Now they know that they can do it with a TABLE, a LINE GRAPH or a BAR CHART, that depends of the type of variable we are studying. (Finishing Worksheet for Wednesday)


They chose some professions they could do in the healthcare, and through search (in the book or internet links) they are going to present to the others. (Homework for Monday)

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