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Welcome back to school

This first week in Early years we have really enjoyed our first week at school! We have got to know our new classroom and new people. We have Jennifer, Natasha and now Betty to help us too! We are the Ants class and this has been our topic. We have also been learning our daily routines and finding out what we can do through different activities inside and outside the classroom. We have been to the library and also to the Sports Centre.

In year 1 and year 2 we’ve had a fun week back, meeting our new teachers and new class members. We’ve done yoga, zumba, painting and we’ve been finding out about birds, particularly owls. On Monday, we are looking forwards to coming in and bringing two special things from home to share with the class for Show and Tell.

In Year 3 and year 4 this week has all been about getting to know each other. With students from all over Europe, different first languages and different learning experiences, we’ve had a fun week of small learning activities and showing patience towards others in the classroom. This week we’ve had some fantastic whole school activities, such as games , Zumba and art. We started some French lessons today with Helen as well as having our first sport’s lesson. Next week we continue to work on our literacy (English) skills, particularly letter sounds and blends, as well as improving our spelling methods.

In Secondary our first week of term was wonderful.

We covered topics on many levels. Such as:

The truth about the formation of diamonds and the differences in conflict diamonds.

2. The eruption of Mount St Helen's and the possibility of the eruption of Vesuvius and Las Palmas and the consequences thereof.

3. A brief look at the first stanza of "The ballad of Reading Gaol" by Oscar Wilde.

4. Selecting the senior school drama for the end of term. An abbreviated production of "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare.

5. A look at various aspects of UK history and how history is written, biassed by the victors.

6. An introduction to the sciences. Where we came from. The DNA of humans and gorillas and the circulation system of the human body.

7. An introduction into the world of geometry. It's formulas and basic criteria. The importance of being able to do numeracy, when the calculator has no batteries.

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