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Visit to the Art Museum

This week in Maths, the EYFS children have been learning to recognise amounts by sight. They have also been estimating with larger amounts as well as practising their individual targets such as learning numbers up to 10/20/100 and learning to recognise and write numbers. Some of the children are still practising counting and saying one number as they touch one object. Please continue to do this at home when walking up the steps, counting vegetables or any other daily activity! In Years 1 and 2 we have been learning about multiplication and division, what it looks like using arrays and how to solve more difficult problems including word problem. On Wednesday we had our school trip to the art museum where we learnt about how different paintings are organised in a museum.m (eg based on theme, artist etc). The older children began the week by reviewing mixed numbers (numbers that have both whole numbers and fractions) and where they go on a number line. We followed this up by solving equivalent fractions, or fractions that must be simplified. In English, we wrote a report about The Solar System by using features such as Fronted Adverbials, Commas and Apostrophes. We reviewed our knowledge of Alphabetical Order and by knowing to arrange lists alphabetically by looking to the next letter to the right of the word. In Topic, we discovered many fascinating facts about our Universe, Galaxy and Solar System. We learned that the stars that we see in the sky at night are actually billions of suns that are the centre of galaxies just like ours. In RE, we discussed the idea of Peace, and how some religions use meditation to achieve inner peace and clarity. We practiced meditating ourselves and found it very peaceful and relaxing. We also looked at how music can elicit different emotions, and portrayed these emotions through pencil movements on pieces of paper. The whole school had a really effective visit to the Art Museum in Barcelona. We analysed many paintings and discussed how several pieces of art can be linked through a common theme.

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