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Evolution and inheritance

This week in English, the children have been finishing their stories and typing them up. They have had to think carefully about their capital letters in order to type their stories. They also learnt about what a question mark is, how to write it and how to use it in a sentence. They were all really good at coming up with questions and we will continue with this next week in addition to learning about exclamation marks. In Maths, we spent the week consolidating knowledge of number by solving problems involving reasoning and ordering numbers. We will begin our unit on height and length next week beginning with how tall everybody in the class is! We begun our science unit all about every day materials. We talked about different materials that we use in our lives and tried to identify some of them in the classroom. We talked about plastic, metal, paper and wood amongst others and began to describe the properties of each.

The older children began the week in exciting form, by starting our debate topic in English. We tackled topics such as banning mobile phones for children under 12 and whether or not zoos are a good or bad idea. In Maths, we looked at measurement conversions, mainly kilograms, grammes, centimetres and millimetres. In science, we continued our topic of Evolution and Inheritance by comparing each other's fingerprints. It was great fun!

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