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This week, we have been working hard on our handwriting and using lines to help us to form letters correctly with ascenders and descenders. We will take some of these handwriting sheets home with us so we can practise over the Christmas holidays. In Phonics, we have been consolidating our knowledge of digraphs. We are finding them rather tricky to remember so we need to practise them every day! The sounds we have learnt are: oa (goat), ee (leek), oo (moon), ai (rain), ch (chicken), sh (shoe), ng (ring) We have been making Christmas decorations to get us in the festive spirit. This included snowflakes to help us with our fine motor skills and paper chains which we made in pairs where we had to work as a successful team. We have also been practising for our Christmas play and can't wait to share our acting and singing with you! In Key Stage 2/3 we welcomed the younger children to join in with our Christmas production rehearsal, and they have been fantastic. As always, may I ask that you encourage the children to listen to the songs for the production at home as regularly as possible. We also had fun designing and creating a Christmas banner to hang in the streets of Llinars. It was amazing how fast we were able to create the pictures by the end of the week. Well done to all involved! The older children had an invaluable experience as they spent time volunteering to work at local businesses around the town. They became waitresses, mechanics and veterinarians in a fun-filled few days.

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