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Homo Sapiens

The older children began the week in exciting fashion by visiting the local police station in Llinars. They spoke to police officers and even had a look in one of the holding cells!

In Literacy, we finished off our Monster Poems and began looking at the differences between structured and free verse poems in preparation for next week's lessons.

We continued working on geometry in our Maths lessons by investigating area, as well as perimeters of compound shapes.

We also thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Science museum on Wednesday.

Finally, we have been completing our projects on Antarctica for our Geography lessons during the week.

This week in English, the children have been learning how to rhyme for our unit on Poetry. It's a difficult skill to learn and we have been working on it all week using picture cards to help with vocabulary and playing games such as rhyming bingo. We will continue this unit of work next week. Please reinforce rhyming at home!

In Maths, we have been consolidating our learning of numbers up to and past 20, counting both forwards and backwards. The year 1s and 2s have been counting in 10s, ordering numbers up to 40 and have a much better understanding of place value and a better recognition of numbers. We will continue learning numbers up to 100.

We planted peas at the beginning of the week and have been watering them and watching them grow carefully. We are recording our observations and now that we have learnt the vocabulary associated with plants, we will be able to apply this to our observations.

In Phonics, the children have been learning some difficult sounds: th, sh, ch and ng. Please reinforce these sounds at home. Some suggested words to read and write are:

thin, thick, ship, shot, fish, wish, chip, chop, sing, wing, gong.

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