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Little surfer girls

Tuesday at casa nostra! In class one, the kids and their parents always take advantage of every square inch of our farm, spending time with the animals, finding eggs and visiting the garden. And especially having fun on the trampoline. They also tried their hand at making pancakes! They we flipping good! Class 2 have been practising their dance for the end of year performance! They've got all the moves! Little surfer girls. Today they also made pancakes with a sprinkle of sugar. They all did great! In the garden they looked for the biggest and greenest lettuce to take home. We also collected any loose lettuce leaves and fed them to our lovely little rabbits. Class 3 have also been learning a new song for their performance. They have also been creating art work as part of their performance to show the audience what they solve about casa nostra school! Can't wait to see everyone singing and dancing in a couple weeks!

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