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Juicy green lettuce

Today the youngest group arrived, full of good spirits as always. They were excited to get out and explore the farm, visiting the animals and seeing which vegetables were ripe for picking! They all plucked themselves a juicy green lettuce, some of them could barely fit them in their baskets! In the kitchen, the group cooked up some French style crepes; doing their best to flip them without loosing them to the floor. They then chose their toppings, and especially enjoyed the homemade peach sauce.

The oldest class of the day got stuck into preparations for our end of year show, drawing lovely drawings of the farm school as they visualise it, and creating one sentence about their favourite aspects of the school. For most of them it was very clear who enjoys what the most, and it was great to be able to help them express this in English! Asier created such a good piece of art, he then wrote his sentence very neatly and pronounced it so accurately! Afterwards, we practiced our song. The group of all boys were so motivated to understand the words, and try their best with the melody. I was so impressed!

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