Daddy finger

Today we had a nice day in Granja Escola.

The first group started the day with family theme. They have learnt the name of family members like daddy mummy, brother... We picked lettuce in the garden and had a nice time in the kitchen to make pizza. We sang many songs like daddy finger and baby shark. We fed animals at the end of the day.

The second group made a fresh banana and strawberry milkshake and added a little bit of mint from the garden! We started off the classroom activity by designing our own binoculars as we needed to use them in our outdoor safari animal hunt! Aina and Àneu were keen animal trackers and found them all! We picked nice big lettuce from the garden and we took any loose leaves to feed the rabbits and terry the turtle which they thoroughly enjoyed!

The third griup practiced the song for the performance, Lara was really enthusiastic to understand the lyrics and pronounce them properly. They all drew a picture of what the school is to them, and tried to write one sentence about their favourite aspect of school.Alba broke through her confidence today and did a fantastic job with her English.

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