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Chocolate Chip muffins

Today in class 1, the children headed over to the garden to collect our newly sprung potatoes! They loved searching through the soil to find the biggest they could see. With the animals, the class all observed how fast our baby chicks have grown, and gave them some love (and food!) Over in the kitchen, they all cooked up some fluffy looking chocolate chip muffins, everybody had a great time helping to add the ingredients!

In class 3, the older children were focusing on the theme of opposites. We begun the class with a matching game, for words such as soft & hard, thick & thin; Day & night. It was a really great test of their vocabulary, and they proved how much they are growing in English! As a special treat this week, the children helped to make popcorn. The had to fight hard to resist lifting the lid, but enjoyed all of the sounds of the corn;To top it off we made a sauce of peach and cinnamon! We all had a lovely time sitting in the shade of a tree, answering questions of opposites to earn their tasty snack!

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