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Fruit trees

Class 1 spent today taking a look at the various fruit trees around the farm and how they are flourishing. Using all their vocabulary to indentify the colour and size! They also went to the garden, and collected themselves a huge leafy lettuce! Back in the classroom, they crafted their own paper aeroplanes, which they decorated nicely themselves... and enjoyed the challenge of seeing how far they could fly. In class 3, the older children made a little booklet titled ' all about me', the got stuck into a sorting activity, of all the things they like and dislike. Its a work in progress, but the beginnings are looking wonderful. (Particularly the self portraits that they stuck to the front!) About the farm, the children chose to spend most of the time caring for the dogs today. They got a big soapy bucket of water, and treated Duna and Foc to a loving scrub!

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