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Peak at the globe

Class 1 started the day with outdoors activities related to colors and numbers. Then theypicked lettuce in the garden and had a nice breakfast on the sun. They made a nice dough in advance to raise and baked savory and sweet pizzas. This wonderful morning finished with a paint crafting about days and nights vocabularies.

Class 2 had the shapes theme, they started the day with dictation of coloring in with different shapes (for example the teacher asked them to color the circle blue then the triangle red...) Aina and Alex did a great job in this activity. After that they played Simon says in the garden everybody enjoyed it a lot. They sang some songs and after picking lettuce and visiting animals went back to the classroom and played some indoor games based on the theme. Then they went for shape hunt around the garden Marc and Àneu found lots of different objects with the shapes we were looking for them.

Today in class 3 theywere taking a peak at a globe! Figuring out where theyare and finding certain places that they know of! To see how much the children know, In teams they were challenged to labeling their empty map; by in turn running to a complete one for the answers. Afterwards, they played a matching game, where they looked at two different flags and identified if they were from the same continent or not. Initially this was a challenge, but once they got the hang out it, they begun learning lots about where countries are in the world!

Such an amazing Saturday it was. Can't wait to see you all again.

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