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Traveling around the world

In the youngest class today, the little farmers headed to the garden to pick the last of the artichoke. They were all extremely excited, we think they like this vegetable! Afterwards, the children headed to the donkeys... finally overcoming a fear to feed them properly; by holding their hands out. Well done guys! Throughout the class, the teachers focused on senses, continuously smelling and feeling their way around the school. They loved the scent of their cinnamon and coconut cookies that they cooked! Back in the classroom, the team got stuck into some colour blending; using their hand prints as trees and resembling the different seasons with different colours! Today in class 3, we were looking at the theme of travel! The kids begun by forming a suitcase out of a 3D net, complete with a luggage label for their dream holiday destination! We had a lovely group discussion about where we would like to go, who with and how. Next up, the children made their own British passport to send them on their travels. They each worked hard to write a little description about themselves, and make it look presentable!

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