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Bunny bookmarks

Celebrating the last week of class before Easter Holiday, Class 1 had an Easter themed class. The kids hopped around the farm acting as bunnies. They were most excited about visiting Bonnie, the new bunny! It was a lovely warm day so the class stuck outside and played color recognition games throughout the farm, Nicassi recognized all the colors! The class baked sugarless cinnamon rolls and took a healthier approach on sweets. Back in the class, the crafts included making bunny bookmarks. Class 2 created the same craft with a slighter challenge in creating bunny book marks with origami. They worked with color recognition through matching colored Easter eggs with their corresponding colors. Bianca and Mar completed the assignment very quickly and have seemed to mastered their colors. In the kitchen the class made delicious onion cheesy bread sticks. The class used the onions picked from the farm! Class 3 were given quite a bit of a challenge this evening with shapes! The class searched for shapes within the farm, when spotted they were asked to draw the shapes they had seen. They also reviewed 2d shapes and their characteristics. Towards the end of class the group divided into two teams who went by the names "The Braves" and "The Little Clowns." They were asked to form several shapes out of sticks found in the farm. Each group did amazing and worked well together within their teams! They concluded class with a tasty garlic herb bread. Have a Happy Easter! See you Soon!

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