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Coconut cookies

Spring is near! Class one spent most of the day outdoors as it was a beautiful warm evening. We introduced this season in the vegetable garden by planting onions which grow best in Spring! The children collected the last batch of cauliflowers and continued onto visiting the animals. The children identified each animal by name and pretended they were the donkeys, chicken, goats, and sheep! They then learned about Spring clothes and pasted fun summer dresses, shorts, swim suits, and sunglasses on worksheets of boys and girls. They had a lot of fun personalizing their own mini me. At the end of class, the kids enjoyed their delicious coconut cookies and left home with smiles on their faces. Class 2 also was rewarded with chocolate chip cookies for their great attitudes this Thursday! Along with the theme of Spring, the kids foraged around the farm and created crowns and head pieces out of leaves, flowers, and sticks. They also completed worksheets and coloring sheets with the theme of nature and Spring. Class 3 revisited the ocean as we now have beach weather! The group read more about aquatic animals and did ocean themed word searches. The class enjoyed a healthy snack this week and made their first batch of guacamole. The kids really enjoyed making something new. Well done Thursday Classes, today the sun was as bright as you!

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