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Planting onions

Spring has sprung here at Casa Nostra! Class one made the most of the lovely weather and spent as much time around the farm as they could, feeding the animals and tending to our vegetable by planting onions and picking cauliflower. They did a lovely weather themed activity where they coloured in spring clothing and pasted it on little paper dolls. In the kitchen they made pizza and worked on numbers while they cooked! Class two were also introduced the the new season that is springtime! Jo's class of lovely girls welcomed a new member today! Lara! She had a wonderful time meeting all the animals and helped us water in the vegetable garden. While we were out around the farm we picked some lovely spring flowers to help us make a beautiful spring flower crown! All the girls did and amazing job, they looked so pretty! Class three continued to look under the sea at all of the different creatures living there. They read a book together then they all listened well to funny rhymes about jellyfish, whales and seahorses. They then worked through riddles to figure out which creature was being described. Jan made a great effort to write the words correctly. In the kitchen, since last week was pancake day treats, the kids rustled up a healthy snack of nachos and guacamole. They loved chopping veg and better still, they loved the outcome :)

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