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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from Casa Nostra!! Class one focused on Valentine's theme ❤ they cut and colored hearts. Picked some cauliflowers ad spend a lot of time with the animals. After a bit of fun playing on the trampoline they prepared a nice chocolate dough to bake tasty cookies. Back to the class Olivia and Joan's Father painted a very nice piece of art! Later they read books and discussed colours and words! A beautiful day full of positive energy. Class two were also feeling the love for Valentine's Day and made their own special Valentine's card for their loved ones! Then they hand made a bunch of roses using their handprints and green pipe cleaners for the stems. In the kitchen they baked heart shaped biscuits and gave them a naturally pink tint with some beetroot! Class three have dipped into the theme of animals. Gabrielle checked that everybody knew all the names of the animals on the farm, Pau remembered very well! They then played a memory game, matching the pairs of the same animals and trying to share one fact about them! Then they read through some riddles of different animals, they had lots of pictures in front of them to work out which animal was being described. Hugo was great at figuring it out! Well done everyone :)

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