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Little booklet

Class 1 planted a lettuce root in a small pot to bring home, as a small we took our time with to feed the chickens, goats and Perla our beautiful donkey :) then we cooked some nice pizzas and everybody picked their own toppings. Back to the class we made a clock defining the different weathers. We finished with songs and a story.

With class 2 today we learned all about pizza and the different types of toppings you can put on top of them. So we learned the typical ones such as peppers, onions, tomato, cheese and pepperoni! And other possible veggies. Then they got to create their own real pizza in the kitchen and then a collage of one for the classroom activity. Bianca was excellent at telling me exactly what was in top of her pizza and wrote everything down in English :) Perla gave Aran, Mar, and Pau a little ride around the pen too :)

Class 3 carried on with the theme of the body and the senses, by playing an matching memory game of all the body parts. They then all created their own little colourful info booklet on the role of each sense! Elba finished first and added her own unique touch, which was lovely. All of the children loved having their own lettuce in a plant pot, and were excited to watch it grow at home

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