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Today class 1 looked at the theme of nature. They all went on a scavenger hunt around the farm, looking for leaves and trees and insects! No stone was unturned. In the classroom they created some fabulous frogs, using their handprints for the legs! Arnau was very creative with his frog and was particularly helpful in the classroom, asking questions and getting involved with everything! Noa and Jan were great with the donkey. Class 2 started off with a little food themed word search, helping them to recognise how to spell the names of different kinds of food like ice cream, pizza and the one they all knew, chocolate!! Then they made a plate collage of all their favourite types of food, Banu had so many favourites she had to made 3 plates! After finished all their hard work they got to relax on the new soft play area and read some books and sang some song together! And in class 3 everybody labelled an image of a human body... and took it in turns to draw the body parts and find the right word to match. They then discussed the senses and what is the function of our nose, mouth, ears etc. They all did well thinking of examples. The children then passed around various objects, like soft fur perfume, and sour lemon to talk about how they feel, smell and taste! In the garden all the children got to pick a lovely green spinach and planted some lettuce! The garden is going to be full of lots of healthy vegetables once again!!

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