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Baby lambs

Today class one focused on the theme of under the sea. They found shells, drift wood and sea glass in the sand and then washed them and with glitter and glue we made beautiful green turtles . Later they challenged using foil and different colour papers as scale on a funky fish. Guillem interacted well with the sad finding all sorts of interesting things. Welcome Emma a great addition to the team who was both creative and hardworking.

Class two met the new baby lambs. Txell named them Floreta and Flora. They learned the word “lamb baby sheep” and made a lovely picture of them using fluffy cotton wool. They made spinach and made some yummy chocolate chip cupcakes.

In class three the whole class labeled and image of human body and took it in turns to draw a body part and find the right word to match. They then discussed the senses and what is the function of our nose, mouth, ears etc! Paula knew a lot of vocabulary and enjoyed thinking of examples. The children passed around various subjects, for example soft fur and perfume, to talk about how they feel, smell etc…! Laura was a lovely new addition to the class and did her best all day.

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