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Garlic bread

The youngsters of the farm bounced in with their usual energy. To begin, they happily collected the vegetable of the day, celery, and enjoyed todays visit to feed all of the animals about the farm. In the classroom the children got down to some colouring of the animals that they know. And in the kitchen, they all got their hands sticky, in in kneading some dough for making bread! Today class 3 delved deeper into learning all about plants. The kids practiced again a song about the different functions within a flower. The children also worked brilliantly as a team whilst putting together a diagram on the wall, figuring out which label and description matched the image! Darek was extremely keen to be the teachers helper and Paula made amazing effort to understand all the writing. Lastly, everyone wrote nicely which plant they had collected today; remembering well that it was celery today!

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