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Class 1 have started to celebrate the new year and that can mean only one thing- fireworks. We coloured in our own fireworks with Marc Serra and Pau Bigay making beautifully coloured explosions. We then painted our own fireworks with colourful splashes. Carla, Adria and Daniel were amazing at this. We then made biscuit stars. Marti bas was head chef with his sugary stars. Class 2 has been preparing for the new year by learning how to write the new date 2017! And 'happy new year'! We did some playful maths colouring in, Aina, Txell and Biel showed their impressive numeracy skills! After lunch we read some stories, and the teacher was really impressed with Pau who was reading sentences all by himself in English! Extremely proud. After baking the ginger biscuits we attached string to them all so that they can hang them on the Christmas tree as special edible decorations! In Class 3, one student that stood out was Alba! We walked to and from the beach together and she was so funny and her English is super good. The whole class helped to water the garden and feed Perla our donkey who kindly gave them all rides in return!

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