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Adventure to the beach

Do they know it's Christmas time at all? They do at Casa Nostra! Feed the world I hear Bono sing, we're pretty sure he was talking about brownies and chocolate buns made by us on the farm. Class 1 made their family Christmas cards, Emma and Marti did an especially fab job at this. Then after deciding our favourite Christmas song was Rudolf the reds nosed reindeer we made our own reindeer hats. Daniel and Carla put lots of effort into theirs. Overall Teacher Antonia was really impressed with the level of English, especially the progress Marti and Marc have made since summer school. In the morning Class 2 coloured in a picture of tío de nadal and Teacher Jo got them to explain in English, what the tradition was all about. Jordi, Marc, Txell and Àneu were the best at explaining. Everyone planted a lettuce each, Claudia b and Claudia G took real care with theirs. After lunch everyone went on a little adventure down to the beach. We dipped our toes in the water, searched for seashells and sea glass and built sand castles! When we got back we made some sweet pizza dough just in time for snack! Class 3 were a delight today, we had two first time visiters; Sofia and Blanca, who were an uplifting addition to the team... asking interesting questions about the growth of the plants and giving 100% in every task! The baking session was suitably seasoned and festively shaped - everybody designed their own christmas stencil, so their cookie's could be the shape they wanted and dusted with heaps of cinnamon after! The highlight of the day was a class adventure to the beach, where Sofia collected sea glass; Sara created a tunnel for the waves to flow through and Pol sat peacefully with his younger sister. To finish off; the children all wrote their own personal message in a Christmas card to their parents, with either a fluffy bearded Santa or a twig-antlered reindeer. Adri quietly made a beautiful card for his mum and dad, with impressive hand writing and arty skills!

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