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Glittering Pine Cones

Leaves are red and leaves are gold, lots of leaves now that it's cold! Wrap up warm and hold on tight, it gets colder throughout the night! Autumn is here at Casa Nostra and we're excited to share it with our friends. Class 1 used all their concentrating skills to make truly awesome leaf bunting. Alex's bunting was beautiful and full of autumn colours, which he knew all the English names to. Xtenia loved glittering her leaves and Marc and Nicasi painted as many leaves as they could black, confusing the teacher. Class 2 used Autumn nature they found on the farm to make decorations. Teo and Quim were kings of the autumn mobiles. Glittering their pine cones and finding the sturdiest sticks. Bianca and Mar created truly autumnal nature bracelets, fit for autumn fairy queens. Class 3 impress teacher Gabrielle more and more each week. Aran's english reading was really good today; he made extra care to get the right english pronounciation when reading vowels. Marc is becoming more of a shepherd every week: assembling the sheeps and goats so that the class can enter the pen and feed them. Elba painted and decorated her pinecone beautifully, and was the first to finish when we crafted little aumtumn style owlettes.

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