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Planting lettuce

We have had so much fun on the last day of the week.

In the first class Toni, lan and Arnau were good at saying the name of animals. Sofia was amazing in gardening. Ian is a good artist and Arnau is a star in the class. Lila was good at the songs that we’ve worked on.

In the second class Estella, Berta and Marc were really good at reading. Txell and Aneu were good at cooking. Carla was amazing in the garden and Aina helped to her teacher to make the Jigsaw.

In the third class Gina was good at cooking she helped a lot in the kitchen. David was creative in drawing and he did an original one. Paula tried to speak English as much as possible. Pau was good with the animals and at the end Alba was good at gardening.

We improved and at the same time enjoyed a lot during all these weeks.

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