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Tiger Spider

Arms were waving, blood was pumping and eyes were bulging because today Casa Nostra was invaded by a Yellow Garden Spider. A huge arachnid with buzzing yellow racing stripes. Teachers Jo and Antonia quickly tapped their fingers on Google to find out whether it was dangerous or not, alas- it was perfectly harmless and fun to photo. We all love bugs here! Carrying on with their amazing spelling and vocabulary progress, class 3 continued learning the bodily organs. Spelling out their own digestive systems with words like- intestine and stomach took lots of guts! Jo's middle class finished their personalised "All About Me" booklets, counting teeth, measuring feet and finding out that all their finger prints are unique! The youngest class had a blast today feeding the goats, sheep and ponies. Everyone was careful they didn't loose any fingers or hands. In the afternoon the teachers were all very impressed at how well the class cut, stuck and labelled a human face. The day ended with lots of big smiles and flapjacks.

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