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Flowers and chickpeas

Wednesday takes us halfway though our five stages growth. All the usual routines worked quite well and we enjoyed another sunny day in our garden.

The seedlings extended their vocab colouring in fruits and vegetables learning their English names. They chose strawberries to develop into human forms and made strawberry people as well as they zoomed in on caterpillars and their place in the green world. I was amazed by all the songs they sung to me when I stepped in their classroom for a moment. Before their parents came in the afternoon they also made them a beautiful plastic flower.

The little flowers made their big week banner using the original technique of stamping their painted hand on it to have a truly unique flower print. After that they learned how to say some fruits in English and sung songs of which the biggest hit was They were ten in the bed.

The tall trees started their day with yet another word search that they first thing in the morning first resist but then absolutely fall for it. They looked what happened with the chickpeas they planted and wrote a diary entry about Day 1. Brainstorming about all what's edible from the plant world surprised us with advanced answers such as cereals or sunflower seeds. In the end of the day they decorated their chocolate brownie with handmade flowers which made it the most beautiful although not the tastiest as all the brownies today were delicious!

We also started to take the children inside the kingdom of goats and sheep. First we put the male goat away but there is one sheep that starts to protest to our company inside their enclosure so we shall better keep away. Nevertheless they love to feed them and Oriol, Ian, Pol and Ramon even established their own restaurant with menu and everything... The day offer starts with tree leaves soup, then comes the all time bestseller grass burritos for the main course and last but not least white flower mousse for the dessert. A lot of fun at Casa Nostra today!!

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