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Memory game

The midpoint of our travel around the world brought new adventures that we didn't hesitate to jump and immerse in, same as we do in our swimming pool when we need a little refreshment. Our wanderlust hasn't diminished a bit and nobody had the slightest chance to feel homesick.

The little explorers parachuted out of our private aircraft to enjoy the sight of England from high above, landing right by the red telephone booth across the street from the Big Ben to do some sightseeing. Before London they practiced traffic lights not to get in trouble in such a big city and did a little history excursion singing Ring-a-ring O'Roses.

The discoverers continued to assign flags to new lands and made sure they'll remember with a memory game. Colouring in their cultural awareness they also listened to the word magic of Roald Dahl.

As much imagination used the longest serving pilots designing imaginary countries and saw how different they were to us and our European neighbours from all the corners of our continent.

Learning about languages, populations, border outlines, flags that we sticked in our delicious brownies to make them look even better or anthems: Oh, such a good time - summersaults, summertime, everybody sing along!

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