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Animals Week

Well, today was a fantastic start to our animal theme week here at Casa Nostra. In Classroom 1, we began with something a bit fishy... We made our own rainbow coloured fish dangling from a rod to play with and all of the classes made stunning animal masks. So much so, that it was like we had lots of lions, pigs and elephants roaming loose around the farm!

Whilst the older children went on a mission to count all of the real animals on the farm; the younger children made super cute penguins and some even had their faces painted as tigers and elephants. All of us enjoyed a welcome and cooling splash in the swimming pool, visited the vegetable garden to pick lots of beautifully sun-ripened tomatoes and tasty green peppers, plus said a fond,¨hello¨ to the donkeys, ponies and chickens.

This afternoon was just as busy. Each group enjoyed making one of our favourite recipes - sweet pizza dough (though eating it was definitely the best part!). Marcel loved reading, 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', and Adrianna, Aneu and Pau were big fans of the lift-the-flap book,´Going to the Zoo´. Trampolining and driving around on the toy cars and scooters proved as popular as ever. We cant wait to see everyone for more animal-themed fun here tomorrow!

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