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It was a muggy day at farm school today, the sky was very cloudy but it was still warm. The younger group of children set off to the garden first thing to collect some delicious tangy peaches. Then they went to the potatoes to pull up as many potatoes as they could that filled nearly the whole barrow. After that they checked on the courgettes and took some away. When they visited the animals, Aneu collected as many eggs as she could to hold in her basket. Then some children rode on Perla. Jan looked very confident.

Once the older children were gathered, they went to the kitchen to make their chocolate volcanoes. David helped to break some eggs for the mixture and everyone had a go at folding the flour gently into the mixture to not lose any air. Once the chocolate volcanoes were setting in the fridge, the older group went to the garden to collect their share of courgettes and they discovered that there were some potatoes left over which they gathered together and added to the barrow. Arnau managed to find a hidden egg, once the older group were visiting the animals.

The younger group went to make their chocolate brownie cakes. All the children helped by taking turns to add the ingredients to the mixer. Once the cake mixture went into the oven, it was time for the younger group to make their bright and colourful fish pictures that used shiny paper to make the scales. It was like a pretty aquarium of fish today in the classroom, once the fish were all complete.

After their visit to the goats, the older children tried out their art skills with designing their own zentangles, which use straight lines and patterns of shape and colour to look interesting. Every person’s zentangle was unique and beautiful. Alex used a lot of interesting colour while Sara used fun shapes in hers.

Once the chocolate volcanoes were cooked, the older children were happy to go ahead and eat them. The chocolate brownie cake was ready to eat too. So the younger group of children had their brownies to eat and enjoy as well. There was some time left over for the older children to try out the smaller swimming pool. They had some fun splashing and trying out the slide.

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