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Sweet pizza

It was a cloudy day at the farm school. We collected some of the onions, Cata and Gina helped collect the biggest onions. The spinach, was ready to collect as well. Joanna and Judit collected some. Banu collected a lot of beans to put in her basket. We all watered the fruit and vegetables. Jordi sampled some of the ripe red strawberries.

We collected a lot of eggs from the chickens today. They filled up a whole basket. When we visited the goats and sheep we noticed that Floquet was too hungry to climb on people’s backs or knees he is beginning to eat a lot of food now as he is growing bigger. However, he did say hello to everyone.

Straight away we got stuck in with making our sweet pizzas. Cata added the flour, salt and sugar. Bruna added the baking powder and so did Banu. Judit added the buttermilk to the mixer then Joanna did the mixing and checking that the ingredients looked ready. Once we put the oil and sugar onto our pizzas, they were ready for the oven.

After making the pizzas it was time to head back to the activity room to read the book called “Window”. We looked at how the world was changing for a boy called Sam as he was growing older. We focused on how the view from the window was different every time we looked through it.

As an activity we thought we would design our own windows. We used different coloured tissue paper and stained glass paper to show different effects. Sara decided that her window would look onto the donkeys and ponies. Banu created a forest to see through her window. We did like Joanna’s mountain landscape too.

At the end of our time in farm school, we all went to collect the pizzas. Some of us found that they were too delicious to keep for later. They were eaten fairly quickly.

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