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What a wonderful Saturday today has been in the sun, a great day for farming and craft making fun!

As each person arrived we picked up our watering cans and tools. We started to water the spinach before moving on to the other plants. Once everyone had arrived, we started our planting and picking tasks, of which we had lots today! We planted a new row of lovely lettuce, taking one plant each and making sure it was safe in it’s hole. Then we moved on to pick some peas and broad beans. Judith found the biggest broad bean, Jordi gave us a scare when he was hiding in the plants (they’re very big) and David picked lots of peas and beans. We filled our baskets and then went to pick some giant cauliflowers- Jan and his team pulled and pulled until they had the lovely vegetable in their hands, and Jan even carried it back to the house!

Perla, Violeta, Estrella and Valentin enjoyed their cauliflower leaves, which we’d saved especially for them. We brushed and stroked her, and collected eggs from he chickens. David and friends had a good run around with the chickens, and Yamna watched as we fed them from our hands. Maria fed plenty of them! Next we played Floc’s new favourite game- back bridges. Gimena started off and then he ran across Judit, Sara, Alex before springing off into the air. He’s becoming very strong and we noticed he’s now eating lots of foods!

Today we made an old favourite for baking, sweet pizza. Back by popular demand, we worked as a team to make the dough and shared it our for everyone to make their own shape. There were lots of professional bakers today!

Our new theme of the week is looking through the window, so Siobhan showed us a fantastic new way of making windows with a scene, whether it’s city, landscape or the sky. We used lots of different colours and shapes to make them, then held them in the sunlight to cast a beautiful shadow, quite magnificent!

See you next week!

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