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Fresh peas

It was a cold frosty farm school day today there was some ice on the ground, we had the chance to plant some onions and more potatoes. We gently picked up and planted a whole row of onions. David, Maria and Gina were getting very fast at planting them. Mai was very helpful in making sure the soil was covering the onions.

Everyone picked and tasted the peas, they tasted sweet and delicious. We would have eaten them all because they were so good but we saved some.

Then we pulled up the biggest radishes that we could find to bring back to our baskets. Luca found a brilliant big radish. We collected all the leaves and radish stalks together to feed the donkeys and ponies.

Maria, David and Aneu are getting better at guessing how many eggs the chickens had laid. They were correct, they guessed that they would find three and they did! Amazing!!

After we fed the goats and the sheep, we got ready to make some scones which are an English cake. We helped with the ingredients and kneaded the dough to make round shapes. We topped the scones with a little milk to help give the scones a lovely golden colour. Sara and Judit were good at kneading and making their scone shapes.

Then we made some bubble pictures. We used some drinking straws and watery paint to make bubbles and then gently placed white paper over the bubbles. We then did an animal shape David did a dog, Luca drew a snail and Asier drew some chicks. We carefully cut out the pictures to stick on top of the bubble prints.

When we finished tidying, we sang “ten little spotty frogs” and acted out the song. Jan was a brilliant frog he sang along well with the guitar too. We all joined in with the pirate song “When I was one…“.

To end our time together we played “In and out the dusty bluebells.” Txell was the winner in the game because she was not the last left, it was Siobhan. We collected our golden scones ready to take home.


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