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Welcome back to another sunny day at Casa Nostra, where we’ve been farming, playing and creating all day!

We started the day by thoroughly watering all the plants and vegetables. We did this using the hose and watering cans. Txell and Aneu used the watering cans to water all the beans and peas. Sara used the hose to water the garlic and radish whilst everyone else joined in to water the rest. We also prepared some cauliflower by cutting it up to share out and give to everyone to take home.

We fed the goats too then went on to eat some breakfast snacks. We sat by the trampoline in a circle to make the most of the warm weather, whilst some people did the same on top of the castle library. Al fresco breakfasts all around!

After feeding ourselves and having a quick jump on the trampoline, we headed to the outdoor classroom to make some new creations. As we’re continuing the travel theme, we decided to make cars, aeroplanes, helicopters, boats and anything else we wanted to do with transport, the special part being that we used our home made salt dough! We did this by making a simple mix and rolling it around until perfect for shaping. We shaped our vehicles then put them in the microwave before painting them all sorts of colours. Everyone made something unique and great looking!

We have been playing some great outdoor games today, with a fantastic lunch in-between. We’ve been climbing, running and bouncing, and using numbers and words to help our games. Lots of people are improving their speaking and understanding English, especially Aleix today!

In the afternoon we also made some home made maps using our imagination. We included roads, trees, water, buildings and even sharks! Using crayons, pencils and pens we made our maps on A3 paper, and the results have been brilliant.

We’re looking forward to welcoming everyone back for a new day of creation and fun tomorrow!

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