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Planting radish

What a lovely day here at Casa Nostra! We started the morning off by watering all the plants here at the farm. When choosing the watering can the children would say what colour it was, they were all really good at remembering their colours! After the watering was finished we went and collected the last of the green beans, they children enjoyed hunting for them. Mae, Maria and Gina were really good at spotting the beans! The children then all gathered to plant some radishes, they had lots of fun sprinkling them on the soil.

Furthermore, we went and said hello to all the animals here on the farm. The children gave the donkeys and ponies weeds that they had collected on the way, they really enjoyed it! Arnau collected some pretty white flowers and gave them to Perla. Valentine also enjoyed being brushed, Luca and Sara had lots of fun brushing him. The children also catched and fed he chicken and ducks. Then we went for a quick visit to the sheep and goats to give them their breakfast. After we had a quick play outside, the children bounced on the trampoline, swung on the swings, went down the slide and climbed up the castle.

After breakfast, all the children gathered and made muffins. They had lots of fun taking it in turns adding all the ingredients to make a delicious batter. Whilst the muffins were in the oven, we made lots of animals out of plasticine. The children were so creative and the animals were fantastic! There were elephants, bears, turtles and fish. To end the day, all the children go to eat their delicious muffins!

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