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Fruit hunt around the garden

Well it´s been an extremely busy and fun last day of our monster theme week here at Casa Nostra. We started off the day by making monster teeth -Jordi´s were particularly frightening! As it was such a beautiful day, we headed off early into the vegetable garden to pick juicy sun-ripened tomatoes and water the plants. As well as watering the plants, we watered ourselves - a brilliant way to cool ourselves down don´t you think? Some children enjoyed picking tomatoes so much, that we then went on a fruit hunt around the garden. Valeria, Gal-la, Adrianna, Lara and Marti were excellent at finding lots of gorgeous peaches. The peaches just looked too tempting to save until later though,so we couldn´t resist munching on them as part of our breakfast snack. Yum!

After snack, the older children had a great time finishing off their plaster of Paris face masks and can be truly proud of their efforts. The younger children tapped into their creative monster-making skills and worked hard to sculpt their own clay creations, as well as to colour in a whole host of monster masks and pictures.

Lucas and Asier showed off their super high bouncing skills on the trampoline, Adriana and Gal-la were very impressed and wished they could bounce so high. In order to cool off, nearly all of us went for a swim in either the big or the small pools- it was bliss!

I think that we have turned into bookworms this week too. We´ve all thoroughly enjoyed spending time in our castle library choosing and reading lots of interesting books. Our favourite part is looking at the pictures and counting in English how many things we can see.

No day at Casa Nostra would be complete without some face painting, and today was no exception. A lot of us were keen to have characters from Frozen painted on our cheeks - Ailsa and Olaf were the most popular.

Our day ended perfectly with a slice of Maria´s mouth-watering strawberry cream cake - a real treat! We´ve also said some goodbyes, it was Cat´s last day today and she will really miss all the friends she has made on the farm. We look forward to meeting our new teacher Alana on Monday. Have a good weekend!

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