Scrummy chocolate and sugar-iced donuts

It´s been another day of monster mayhem and madness here at Casa Nostra! We just LOVE monsters! Whilst the older children had their faces coated with plaster of Paris to make exceptionally crazy and scary monsters that would make your bones quiver; the younger children had a great time finishing off their crazy egg carton monsters and magical mix-up monsters from yesterday. We also made crazy monster hats and started to make monster masks too. Every single monster creation should be put into a museum for all of the world to see.

Later, some children went to visit Perla and Valentin (our donkeys), stroke the baby ducklings and chicks - this is one of our very favourite things to do here on the farm. Lots of the other children spent a very enjoyable time in our castle library, devouring a mountain of fantastic books. Lara and Gal-la loved all the princess books, Aniol and Marc found the non-fiction science books totally absorbing and fascinating. Maybe we´ll all turn into bookworms rather than monsters by the end of the week, we´ll have to wait and see…

As it was so hot this afternoon, many of the children relaxed and rested for a short while so that they would have enough energy to throw some monster shapes on the trampoline. Jordi can bounce so high, it´s amazi