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New Hens

Today was the final and most exciting day of the Casa Nostra Olympics. The sun was out and everyone was ready for some final competition before the awards, the scores have all been very close all week and everyone has been eager to be the best..

We started the morning with a visit to the vegetable garden, we needed peppers and tomatoes for todays lunch, and the whole group did a great job in getting just the right amount. They were very efficient as today was going to be busy with the games.

One of the finishing touches had to be put on our clay medals- paint. Everyone painted their medals in their favourite colours, glitter and stars so we could put them out to dry in the sun. These would be their soivenirs to take home from the games.

Next was the Pinata that had been waiting to be smashed all week. Everyones hits contributed to the treats being released, but we must say Lucas has one of the strongest arms we´ve seen! Once opened, everyone jumped on it and rolled down the hill, before making anorderly queue to collect sweets fairly of course.

The first of the days olympic games was our obstacle relay course- not the longest yet but the most demanding, as each team member needed to go three times to complete it! With hoops, hurdles and a weight lift balance challenge, as well as an uphill run, everyone put in an amazing effort, showing great stamina all round. Aleix, Mario and Sara and a few others even went an extra time!

After expecting some time needed to rest, the olympians chose to go straight in to a game of what in England is called Bulldog- a challenge where everyone needs to run past a few catchers without being tagged. Andrea was very brave and Luna had won the day before, and she proved to be a real pro again!

After was time for everyone to get their certificate of completion of the games. Each person had their own unique strength, which was written on the award. Everyone showed winning strength at something! This was followed by a very tense reveal of who was to win the games. We had all been watching the points closely all week, and it was finally revealed to be Green as winners! This was followed closely by Blue then Black. Everyone celebrated together and received their prizes.

The day was completed by a few visits to the animals, feeding the chickens and donkeys, as well as meeting the new hens, who everyone noticed looked quite different from the ones from before.

No one was finished with the spirit of the games though.. Marti, Blai, Joan, and Jordi had a great swim, whilst Frida and friends had a good bounce on the trampoline. The Olympic legacy lives on!

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