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Planting potatoes

We started today down in the vegetable garden, planting lots of potatoes and beans, which we then watered very carefully so that they will grow into juicy food that we can enjoy eating. Soon afterwards we went to visit the donkeys, chicks and baby ducklings - one of our favourite things to do. Sergi and Blai were brilliant at helping Cat to catch the baby chicks that had escaped and putting them back safely into their home - well done!

With it being our Olympics themed week, we then designed some fantastic medals and then made them out of clay. Marti, Luna and Frida put a lot of effort into making theirs, perhaps they could be used as real medals in the next Olympics? Anyway, we´re all really looking forward to painting them tomorrow.

Whilst the older children showed off their sporting prowess and team spirit competing in another heat of Olympic races (congratulation Aniol on coming first in your race!), the younger children

played their own games with the hula hoops and bikes. Valeria was amazing at playing human hooplar and even managed to catch her Dad when he came to pick her up!

We´ve taken it in turns to feed the chickens, donkeys, goats and sheep, but they weren´t as lucky as us… We all made almond cookies which we particularly enjoyed icing with yummy chocolate,and better still, eating them.

As tomorrow is the last day of our Olympics themed week, we´re going to celebrate by playing hit the pinata but the big question that we all want to know the answer to is… Which team has got the most points and will win the Casa Nostra Olympics?

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