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Peaches Jar's

Day two of the Olympic week and the rain didn´t stop us carrying on. Everyone arrived in the pouring rain, some of us went to the kitchen and some of us went to the arts area.

Those who went to the kitchen made a treat to take home- a sweet jar of peaches freshly picked from the fruit garden. Afterwards, we made labels together so everyone knew who´s was who´s. Everyones label was different, and evryone did very well spelling their names and writing words in English. Martis writing is great! In the end all the children in the group had a jar to take home. Those who went to the arts area coloured in pictures of different Olympic events, running for example, everyone chose their favourite colours and went wild- Valerias runner had green hair!

The rain didn´t stop us from visiting the animals. Today was Arnau´s birthday, so along with his crown he got to feed the chickens. Lucas helped as well, the chickens had so much food we had to carry the bucket together! We all collected vegetables, even though it was muddy. We were asked to collect peppers and tomatoes for lunch, we made sure our baskets were full and took them up to the kitchen. Everyone looked at the river as well, it was flowing because of the rain!

The group came up with some really good games today, which we played indoors. We played ´wink murder´ as well as other games. Mario, Jordi, Frida and Aleix were very good at guessing who did what, and whilst not playing these games some people played with the cushion shapes. The children all worked together to help each other understand the rules in English.

After our big lunch, the weather was a bit better, so we spent a lot of time playing ´jump and sit´on the trampoline. We took it turns to shout ´jump´, then we all jumped, and then when someone shouted ´sit´, everyone fell at once. It was mayhem!

The afternoon was full of creative arts using lots of colours. Everyone picked their favourite colours and wrote their names in the style of the olympic rings, with the letters all linked together. Each team had great counting skills and learnt the english words for colours. Judit counted to 100 as fast as she could whilst everyone watched.

With painted faces, pictures, bracelets and peaches, all the team players left with something to take home as well as a smile on their faces (as well as some muddy clothes!).

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