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Olympic themed week

Today was the first day of our ´Olympic´ themed week. Lots of people came to enjoy the day, some familiar faces and some very welcome new ones! It was Blai´s first time at the farm, and although he was quiet at first he was soon enjoying all the activities with everyone else.

We started by vsiting a brand new addition to the animal family- the chicks and ducklings. Everyone was very excited to see them, especially Luca, yet still managed to be gentle and soft whilst holding one each and stroking their soft feathers. Arnou was very good at catching the larger chickens and helping them in to their home before we left. That wouldn´t be the last time we visited the animals in the day!

The olympics were soon off to an important start, the lighting and passing of the torch. Everyone had a go at running with the torch between the three teams. This was a grand opening to our first event- racing. Each team ran between cones and hopped and jumped through the hoops- Aleix and Mario were very fast.

Afterwards we jumped up and down on the trampolines, then took it in turns to run out to different parts of the garden and run back whilst everyone followed. We were very tired out!

This visit to the vegetable garden brought some of our best vegetables yet. Marti helped everyone collect their vegetables with his basket and he had a very good eye for the best Tomatoes, Aubergines and Peppers- afterwards he took them to our cook and counted 37, some of which were used for lunch, everyone was very happy and some people had two plates full.

Story time, singing, facepainting and building our own olympic torches helped to fill the afternoon, everyone was busy doing a range of activities. One of the highlights was when everyone helped each other to climb the castle, it seems scary at first but we were all very happy once brave Frida and Luna got to the top!

Our Olympic theme wasn´t just about running and jumping, there was lots of that, but to finish off the day it was about a treat as well… our special Olympic cake! This was a great treat and everyone got very messy from the chocolate- well deserved after all their hard work.

We are looking forward to day two of our mini Olympic games!

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