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Dinosaurs week

Our theme this week is dinosaurs and we started this Monday morning at Casa Nostra, by getting stuck in straight away to some scary dinosaur crafts. Whilst the older children worked together to make a giant clay dinosaur; the younger children made dinosaur masks, badges and baby dinosaurs hatching from eggs. They all looked fab and Jaime´s colouring was particularly good today - we were all super impressed!

Not only have we focused on our dinosaur theme, we´ve also picked plump peaches, some juicy tomatoes and ripe green peppers. We had great fun visiting the donkeys, goats and sheep too. David was very thoughtful and even brought carrots for us all to feed Perla as a treat. She really enjoyed them and if donkeys could talk, would no doubt have said a big ´thank you´.

This afternoon, the children were tasked with the challenge of catching the duck and returning it to its home with the sheep and goats. Can you believe it had broken the little swimming pool over the weekend?! Luckily, Jordi has bought us a new one and the children had a fantastic time helping him to blow it up and better still, playing in it!

As if all theat running round wasn´t enough, some of the children had a great time playing ´stuck in the mud´ with Brad, whilst the other children loved reading story books with Cat.

We rounded off today with delicious chocolate chip muffins whilst we played a very competitive game of bingo. Aleix was very pleased to win!

Looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow!

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