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Xavi's birthday

Another week gone in Casa Nostra! We´ve had to say goodbye to a few faces today which has been very sad be we hope to see them all again soon. Especially Emma one of our teachers here in Casa Nostra´who is leaving tomorrow to return to England!

To make it an extra special, of course we had to do the pinata! We decorated it in the morning but we had to wait for it to dry until lunch time. The chidren weren´t very happy about this as they were so excited to do it. Eventually, all of the childlren had two goes at hitting the pinata. Aitana and Joel gave it a good go at breaking the pinata and they made a huge hole in it but eventually Karen had to empty the pinata herself as it just would not break. Next time we need to use less sellotape and masking tape as it was indestructable.

Today was also particularly special as it was Xavi´s birthday! Julia helped us make a lovely birthday crown for him and then Maria used her amazing cookery skills to make him a delicious birthday cake.

This morning we also did hair braids on a few of the children who didn´t have one yesterday. The children love choosing different colour wool and then started to make their own creations out of the wool. We also did lots of crafts activities with the children. First we drew around the children´s hands and then decorated them into funny looking animals, like wiggly spiders and butterflies. We also did a lot of painting with lots of different colours. Some of the younger children really enjoyed doing finger paintings as well as they were able to get good and dirty.

The children were still loving the new library today. Aran especially enjoyed her time in there with Cat reading the Gruffalo. They read the English version and then they enjoyed comparing the Catalan and English translations. Aran then went on to draw wonderful pictures of the gruffalo.

Then of course the children enjoyed trips to the vegetable garden and the swimming pool. Today we picked lots of courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes and peppers! Then for the afternoon, the children had a brilliant time baking tasty sweet bread. They all went home with very full bellies today but not before some very sad goodbyes!

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