Big birthday party

Today was the day we have been waiting for for a very long time! Seren turned 21, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEREN! We started the day off with a treasure hunt for Seren for her birthday, made by the children of course! She searched high and low for clues until eventually finding her prizes, a hand made crown and necklace from the children at Casa Nostra! As it was such a special day, it would be impossible for the children not to enjoy Seren´s birthday cake, which was only given to her after we had sung the mandatory happy birthday song with candles!

After all the excitement of the celebrations, the older children went on an adventure to the shop with Cat to buy materials to make a pinata! As a reward, the children also had a quick trip to the park! On their return, they happily set to work and made the beginnings of two pinatas! They hung them in the trees to dry after one layer had been applied!

While the older children were out, the younger children went to the vegetable garden to collect a huge amount of vegetables! On the way back, they also visited the donkeys and the dogs! Later on, Gala, Aitana and Aleix collected fresh eggs from the chickens for our lunch, to make Maria´s delicious spanish omelette.

No day at Casa Nostra would be complete without a trip to the pool for both older and younger children! After the