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World map circuit

The biggest revelation today was that Estrella (the baby donkey) is not a girl!!! ‘She’ is in fact a HE, so we have called him Valenti instead! That was a bit of a surprise for us all this morning!

The older children started today by finishing off their World Map circuit boards. In order to do this, we had to go on an adventure to buy more wire from a shop in Mataro town. Once we had successfully completed our mission, we headed straight back to base (Casa Nostra) and had our breakfast. Laira, Aleix and Chloe then finished theirs and got the bulb to light. Well done! Hopefully, everyone else will finish theirs and can take them home tomorrow.

Other activities today have included: visiting the vegetable garden, having a splash in the swimming pool, bouncing extremely high on the trampoline and building the donkey´s new shelter. As ever, we exercised our crafty skills and made beautiful jellyfish to decorate our houses at home. Some children even turned their hands to making unique flower ornaments out of recycled water bottles, wire and plasticine. We might even make a recyled flower garden with oregami insects, animals and birds, later this week - watch this space!

Tomorrow is Seren´s 21st birthday, so a few of us worked secretly on a few surprises for her celebrate her special day tomorrow morning. Shhhh! Don´t tell anyone as it´s top secret!!

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