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Watermelons and melons

Today, we started the day off with a sing and a dance to get everyone moving! We danced to traditional British nursery rhymes, like the Hokey Kokey, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, I am the Music Man, London Bridge, Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush and I´m a Little Teapot. The children thoroughly enjoyed doing the actions to these songs, especialy the Hokey Kokey!

We then made labels with our names on for our tomato sauce that we prepared yesterday, and put them in our bags ready to take home and eat with some delicious meal.

Next we went down to the vegetable garden, where the children had a competition to see who could find the biggest watermelon! We even had to use a wheelbarrow to carry them back to the kitchen, as the baskets were simply too small!

Cat and the older children began making circuit boards of the world, drawing the world map on the board, colouring it in and then putting holes in it ready to put bulbs through! They will be finishing them off tomorrow!

In the aftrenoon, the children built their very own den! They used the colourful parachute and draped it over tables and chairs, and inside they ate biscuits! Some children even had a picnic on top of the castle!

Of course, there was the usual swimming games, swinging on the swings and hammocks and colouring and sticking down aswell! Overall, a very productive and enjoyable day for both children and teachers!

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