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Countries treasure hunt

Today we spent this morning peeling onions and tomatoes to make a delicious tomoato sauce and tomato puree! The vegetables all came from the garden before we picked them and Maria made the sauce in our outside kitchen. We will be able to have the sauce with food for our lunches. Some of the children also spent time doing painting and drawings.

After breakfast we mixed up the children and put them into eight groups. Then they all participated in a treasure hunt. We hid pictures of flags from countries across the world, (which some of the older children had coloured in the day before) throughout the garden. They all had a brilliant time trying to find all of the different flags which they had to list on a piece of paper. The fastest to find all ten countries was Mario´s group, which also included Lucas, Simo, Vera and Jordi but they were quickly followed by Aitana, Clara, Gala and Rita. All of the children finished their competition with a delicious ice pop lolly!

We also enjoyed making lots of arts and crafts today. The older children painted their plaster of paris masks which they created the day before. They used lots of bright colours and feathers to decorayte the masks so the outcome looks fanatastic! We also made puffer fish out of paper plates which the children decorated with paint, sequins and glitter. Then it was time to paint the children´s faces as they had been asking all day long. Some of the children as for tigers on their faces and then decided to put on a performance for us in the castle.

After lunch, the children put on their shoes and went to build mud bricks for the cow shed. They loved getting involved and playing with the animals, especially our new edition Estrella - the baby donkey. They finished their day in the usual way of playing in the swimming pool.

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