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Lettuce and Basil

Today the younger children started their day off by visiting the animals and riding our donkey Perla. We then went to the vegetable garden and we planted Lettuce and Basil and watered the other plants. We took a look at all of our other vegetables that are growing to see how much they have grown such as the strawberries, the courgettes, the onions, potatoes and the tomatoes.

We then went to the kitchen and baked lovely bread the children moulded the bread into their own shape they wanted and then topped it with olive oil and sugar to make it sweet.

We made play dough also, the children really enjoyed making things from it.

The children made jigsaws of animals such as pigs, cows, turtles, dogs and horses they really enjoyed looking through the box for all the different animals.

They then gathered around to listen to come story books in English such as “The three little pigs”, “Cinderella”and “Goldielocks and the three bears”.

After reading the stories we sang songs such as “5 little monkeys”, “Old McDonald” and “row row row your boat we also did dance activities such as “Ring a ring a rosie and the farmer wants a wife” it was great fun.

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