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Eggs in the incubator

Today we planted tomatoes, parsley and basil in our vegetable garden. The children then picked escarola and strawberries to bring home. We watered all the plants after planting them.

We then visited Perla our donkey and the children took turns riding her they had great fun.

We now have an incubator we are planning on having chicks one for each of the children to take home it takes 21 days for the chicks to hatch so the children collected eggs from the chickens and brought them inside and placed them into the incubator.

Today we decided we would bake a chocolate brownie cake with all the children.

After that the younger children did flash cards to practice their English on the flash cards there were types of animals, different foods and colors.

The older children drew pictures of their favorite animals with coloring pencils.

Today was the first day it was warm enough to try out our new swimming pools. The children had great fun the older ones got into the big one and the little ones were in the small one playing water games.

At the end we all came together to practice our songs such as “oh mac Donalad had a farm” “5 little monkeys” and “5 little ducks” The children are really starting to learn them and enjoy them.

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